Mobile Malware Attacks Increase by 58 Per Cent in 2012

Mobile malware is still a greater threat for people using the Android platform, according to Symantecs annual Internet Security Threat report.

Androids large market share, open platform and the variety of methods available to distribute malicious apps make it the “go-to platform for attackers”, the company said.

Overall, mobile malware attacks increased by 58 per cent during 2012, with 32 per cent attempting to steal information like email addresses and phone numbers.

When asked about the malware threat on Android, a spokesperson from Google, said: “Keeping our users’ information safe and secure is a top priority. We are committed to providing a secure experience for consumers in Google Play.

“Last year we introduced a new service into Google Play that provides automated scanning for potentially malicious software without disrupting the user experience or requiring developers to go through an application approval process. Now, with Jelly Bean Android 4.2 devices that have Google Play installed have the option of using Google as an application verifier.”