Hear From KiTTi, RoosterMoney and Mondo at the Mobile Marketing Finance Summit

David Murphy

Ben Green, CEO of KiTTI from Santander

The Mobile Marketing Finance Summit kicks off a week today, and we are looking forward to keynote presentations from KiTTi from Santander, Mondo, and RoosterMoney. Below are some of the highlights you can expect to see.

Ben Green, CEO of KiTTI from Santander will give a presentation entitled ‘Meeting the Needs of Millennials’.

Ben incubated the social savings platform, and will explain why it’s wrong to think of Millennials as consumers of a certain age. Instead, he will argue, it’s an attitudinal segment with resonance across age groups.

Ben will also explore the expectations Millennials have round digital services and explain how financial services organisations can reap the rewards if they focus on engagement with that segment. He will also look at the challenge financial services companies face in addressing the divide that exists between their bricks and mortar and digital offerings.

Will Carmichael, CEO of RoosterMoney will explain how his company is helping parents teach their children financial responsibility from a young age by engaging with them on the screens they spend the most time on - mobiles and tablets.

Will will explain how, through gamification, children are encouraged to save, learn the real value of money, and have the foundations laid for smart financial decision-making later in life.

Will will speak to how the company has been able to reach children as young as five who are using the app, all the way up to age 12, which is the typical age that a child will get their first bank account in their own name.

Jason Bates, co-founder of Mondo will also take to the stage next Thursday. Mondo made the headlines just last week, crowdfunding £1m in just a minute and a half.

Mondo has not been shy about who its app is aimed at: people who “hate banks” or at least hate some of the practices that they feel constrained by, such as not being able to open an account in just a few minutes; having to pass a credit check when they are not necessarily looking to borrow money; and being locked into annual interest rates for overdrafts.

While still in Alpha stage, Mondo and its investors are confident that it has the potential to become the Uber of the banking world. Jason will explain the company’s origins, and expand on its strategy for taking on the banking industry.

In addition to the brand presentation, delegates will also hear keynotes from mobile marketing firms Amuzo, Swrve and Syniverse, while these three companies, along with Nimbletank, are among those hosting 30-minute interactive round table sessions.

Financial services executives can register to attend the event for free here.