Mobile Marketing in the Wild: GetTaxi Hijacks #TubeStrike

Kirsty Styles

Get Taxi tubestrikeMillions of Londoners were held up across the capital this morning, many apparently desperate to work from their desks despite well-publicised industrial action by Underground staff.

As many were having to make a treacherous journey above ground, cab app firm GetTaxi was keen to take advantage of the situation. The company created the above image - based on the well-known travel disruption boards seen at Tube stations - using an online image generator. They tweeted out the image, hijacking the Twitter hashtag #tubestrike, which has been used today by the public to praise their own 'blitz spirit' in tough circumstances.

We reached out to GetTaxi to see if the risqué tactic worked. Head of marketing for GetTaxi, Rich Pleeth, said: "We've seen around 200 per cent uplift in orders from a usual day and we have extra people in our customer care team today trying to help everyone who wants to find a taxi via our app. However there are a lot of Londoners who can't get a ride as unfortunately we can't move the amount of people the Tube can."

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