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Snack Media crowned first-ever Mobile Marketing Industry Football champions

Tyrone Stewart

On Friday 19 May, 20 teams representing brands, agencies, suppliers, vendors, and industry trade bodies from across the mobile industry competed in the first-ever Mobile Marketing Industry Football Tournament, in partnership with Alex Klose, head of marketing at IMImobile.

After a day of cracking goals, skill, aggression, mistimed tackles, heated exchanges, burgers, hot dogs, beers, questionable refereeing decisions, and even more questionable music choices, there could only be one winner.

Once the dust had settled, the team left standing tall at the end of the day was sports digital media company Snack Media. And, in all honesty, there was little doubt that they would win right from the off – easing past every team put before them throughout the tournament.

We would like congratulate Snack Media on being first Mobile Marketing Industry champions, and thank all those that took part to make it a fun and successful day all round. Special thanks go out to Alex Klose for organising the tournament and Powerleague Shoreditch for their hospitality.

The day went off without a hitch – ignoring our early exit from the tournament! – and we hope we can bring you another in the future.