Mobile Marketing Interviews TELiBrahma's Narasimha Suresh

Alex Spencer

TELiBrahma is an Intel-funded technology company which counts Ford, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Kraft, Nike, Nokia, HSBC, and Toyota among its clients. Not a bad list by anyone's standards - so Mobile Marketing editor David Murphy decided it was about time for a chat with CEO and co-founder Narasimha Suresh.

Suresh explained the company's inARact and Buzz products, and how brands have deployed them. Asked about the pecularities of the Indian market, he told us:

"There is very low smartphone penetration in India, so all of our solutions are designed to work on feature phones, and 65 per cent of our engagements are  on phones that do not support smartphone features. Similarly, mobile internet penetration is very low, with only 4 per cent of the Indian population able to access it, which is why the Buzz solution runs over wi-fi and Bluetooth."

You can read the full interview here.