Mobile Marketing Live Preview: The Operators

It’s just over two weeks until Mobile Marketing Live opens its doors, so starting today, we’re offering a taste of what you can expect to see and hear with a daily preview of the companies speaking at the event. 

We’ve segregated the speakers by the different industries they represent: Financial Services, FMCG, Online, Retail etc. Each day, we’ll be looking at one of the industries, previewing the speakers and what they will be presenting. 

We kick off today with a look at our speakers from the mobile operator community. There are three operators speaking at Mobile Marketing Live: Deutsche Telekom, Orange and Telefonica Digital. 


Mobile Health 

First up, at 3.05 in Stream 2, is Benjamin Sarda, head of marketing at Orange Healthcare. Benjamin is responsible for defining and leading the eHealth product development roadmap, along with identifying market entry strategies across the healthcare ecosystem. 

At the event, he’ll be explaining how mobile health solutions for collecting patient data via communicating medical devices are opening new possibilities for remote monitoring and management of individuals suffering from chronic illnesses. 

Benjamin’s presentation will provide a detailed overview of how Cloud-based, connected medical device PaaS (Platform as a Service) solutions are enabling the seamless, automatic and secure flow of data from patient to care provider. This will include a discussion around key challenges in deploying connected medical device platforms (regulatory compliance, scalability, payment schemes and interoperability), as well as functional and technical considerations and explanations of these platforms.

He will also talk about the outcomes of the mHealth Bike Tour that is being organized by the GSMA with the International Diabetes Federation. Riders on the mHealth Bike Tour, all living with Type 1 diabetes, will be equipped with implanted devices (namely, a glucometer and insulin pump) to enable doctors to monitor their health during the 2,000km bike ride. The mHealth Bike Tour will provide a living example of the transformative potential of mobile health through connected medical devices.


Latin America

At 4pm in Stream 1, you can hear Simon Birkenhead, director, global advertising sales at Telefonica Digital, talking about Latin America; specifically, how the new media landscape in the region will be built on mobile. 

Smartphone penetration in Latin American countries such as Brazil is experiencing exponential growth. In his presentation, Simon will explore the opportunity for mobile in Latin America, and explain why Telefonica is predicting a massive growth trajectory for the mobile advertising market in the region. He will also look at the challenges of doing business over there; the current media landscape; and where mobile fits. 


Internet of Things

Then back in Stream 2 at 4.35, Sascha Wolter, developer evangelist in Deutsche Telekom’s ‘Developer Garden’ will explore the Internet of Things, in a presentation entitled: ‘Beyond Mobile: Prototyping Super Natural Interaction’. Sascha will explain how almost anything can become, and indeed is becoming connected, using a cow that sends texts and a garbage truck that exchanges messages as just two of a number of quirky examples. Sascha will examine how this brave new world requires designers and developers to explore new ways of thinking and discover new approaches, and share a wide range of innovative visions relating to machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. 

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In the meantime, you can see the full Agenda here. And we’ll be back with another preview tomorrow.