Mobile Marketing Magazine Snubbed by Google Alerts

David Murphy

Google is refusing to include stories from Mobile Marketing Magazine in its popular Google News Alerts service. In a reply to a submission from the magazine, Google states:
We do not include sites that are written and maintained by individuals.
The statement begs the question: what other types of sites are there? But despite pointing out to Google that the magazine is, in fact, published by a company, Ltd, registered at Companies House in the UK, and despite forwarding some of the positive feedback that the magazine has received from senior executives at the heart of the mobile marketing industry, pointing out how useful they find the magazine as a resource, Google has this morning re-iterated its position, so until we can find some robots to replace the individuals responsible for bringing  you Mobile Marketing Magazine, it looks like we are stuck with the decision.
Google News Alerts is an incredibly useful service that enables individuals to sign up for news stories on a wide range of topics, including mobile marketing. To sign up for an Alert, click here. 
If you would like to see Mobile Marketing Magazine added to the list of sources that Google News includes in its Alerts, you can recommend the site by sending an email to the team that decides whos in and whos not.