Mobile Marketing Still in its Infancy

37 per cent of marketers do not have defined mobile objectives, despite the fact that, on average, mobile now represents more than 20 per cent of overall traffic to websites. The figures come from a new Forrester survey of more than 350 mobile marketing professionals worldwide – Make The Most Of Analytics To Meet Your Mobile Objectives.

Forrester Analyst Thomas Husson believes this is evidence that mobile marketing is still in its infancy for many companies, and that most havent even begun to think about measuring the performance of their mobile efforts.

“Most marketers consider mobile as a loyalty channel, a way to improve customer engagement and increase satisfaction,” writes Husson in a blog post. “But marketers must define precisely what they expect their customers to do on their mobile websites or mobile apps, and what actions they would like customers to take, before tracking progress.” 

In the study, Husson outlines how marketers can craft a mobile measurement plan, noting that while mobile analytics is only piece of the performance management puzzle, its a critical first step.

There’s more information about the report here.