Only a quarter of mobile ad buyers use third-party measurement

Tyrone Stewart

Ad buyingThird-party verification is very important to mobile media buyers, though only 24 per cent of them are currently using third parties to measure and validate their data.

Location tech company GroundTruth, in conjunction with research and insights company ExchangeWire, surveyed over 150 mobile ad buyers in the UK and found that the number of them using third-party verification should increase to 45 per cent over the next 12 months. Of those currently using, or planning to use, independent measure providers, 70 per cent plan to use third parties to validate their mobile location data.

42 per cent of respondents that are using third-party measurement said the primary benefit of third-party verification is being able to instil confidence in clients that they are getting value for money, while just 29 per cent of those that don’t agreed. Furthermore, 36 per cent of those using third-party verification say the primary benefit is being able to provide transparency.

Meanwhile, 62 per cent of respondents working with third-party measurement providers said that the ability to provide accurate metrics for fraud, brand safety, and viewability is more important than price. However, many feel third parties fall short on the validation of fraud measurement.

“There is still much to be done to meet the industry demand for higher standards and to encourage mobile media buyers to fully utilise the third-party measurement tools available to them,” said Theo Theodorou, GM of GroundTruth EMEA. “As agencies and marketers seek to provide clients with confidence they are getting value for their money and robust brand safety, greater transparency is essential and this can be achieved by working with third-party verified providers.”