Mobile Music Under the Spotlight

Juniper Research has released its report, Mobile Music, Ringtones, Ringbacks, Full Tracks & Payment Models 2007-2012. The 175-page report assesses the current and future potential of mobile music technologies and services, forecasting usage, download traffic and revenues across eight key geographical regions over the coming five years.
This is the fourth edition of the mobile music report, and includes one-on-one interviews with leading players in the mobile music market, covering ringtones, ringback tones, OTA (Over the Air) full track downloads, and subscription-based rental services and streamed radio.
Forecasts for each category include the number of mobile users of each service, average revenue per user data, and the percentage of mobile users who use each service, as well as the average price paid per service used.
The report considers key issues, such as what strategies operators, vendors and aggregators should employ to maximise their respective returns in the mobile music sector; what the prospects are for the rental music market; what further opportunities for growth exist in the ringtone market; what impact 3G has had on the mobile music market; and what the major hurdles to greater adoption of mobile music are.
You can get more details here. Download a brochure here. And a free Whitepaper here.