Mobile Payments Analyzed

The analyst Frost & Sullivan is staging an Analyst Briefing on the European Mobile Payments Market on Wednesday, 15 September, at 16.00 BST. The briefing will discuss recen market developments, including the success of m-payments services in Japan and S. Korea, and their increasing popularity in Europe.

“With the European mobile communications market reaching saturation point, companies operating across the value chain are seeking new opportunities for growth; mobile payments service offer the ability for firms to broaden the scope of their offerings and capture a new wave of revenue growth,” says Adrian Drozd, principal Analyst from Frost’s Information and Communication Technologies group.

During the briefing, Drozd will provide an overview of the European m-payments market, considering current user adoption status, available and substitute technology options and some of the key industry players.

Frost says that the briefing will benefit network operators, mobile payment application/solution providers, device manufacturers, point-of-sale vendors, retailers and financial institutions, by discussing emerging trends across the European mobile payments market.

If you would like to take part in the briefing, send an email to: