Mobile Payments Rolled Out on London Underground

london commuters oyster tubeEEs Cash on Tap contactless mobile payments service is now available on Londons Underground, tram, DLR, Overground and National Rail services that accept Oyster.

The roll-out follows the launch in August of the service for TfLs bus network, and comes as contactless credit and debit cards also become usable on the London transport system.

The Cash on Tap system removes the need to top-up an Oyster card or spend time searching through handbags or wallets, and also removes the risk of card clash, where gates may not open if customers have more than one contactless card in close proximity. The system uses a Monday to Sunday capping service which ensures customers will always pay for best value fare for their contactless travel.

“The TfL network carries more than 30m journeys around the capital every day, and contactless payments can help make these journeys easier and quicker for Londons residents and businesses,” said Pippa Dunn, chief consumer marketing officer for EE. “This is why EE has continued to work so closely with TfL and MasterCard to bring the ease and efficiency of contactless mobile payments to Londons Tube, tram, DLR, London Overground and National Rail services that accept Oyster.”

“By enabling contactless payments on the tube, TfL has taken something the majority of consumers do more than once a day and offered an alternative, easier and a cost effective way to do it,” said Miles Quitmann, CCO of proximity marketing specialists Proxama. “Incentivising customers with a daily and weekly price cap is a good idea, making the use of contactless payment methods more convenient for millions of people.

“This, combined with Apples NFC announcement last week, will add to the growing confidence in the technology, giving all merchants more of an impetus to roll out their own solutions and drive the use of mobile payments.”