Mobile-pocket Launches Apple Watch Loyalty App

David Murphy

mobile-pocket apple watchLoyalty card app, Mobile-pocket, has launched a version of its app for the Apple Watch. The app will enable users to open any saved loyalty cards on their watch screen to be scanned at the checkout. It seamlessly integrates with the app already on the user’s iPhone, so all cards already saved on the phone can be transferred immediately onto the Watch without any additional setup time. mobile-pocket has almost 2m users across Europe and works with more than 150 UK retailers.

The Apple Watch app will soon feature integration with location-based services such as beacons. This feature will notify users of nearby shops where they can claim points and present them with special offers in their immediate area.

“The aim is to help people declutter and streamline their wallets or purses to make the shopping experience as quick and simple as possible,” said Mobile-pocket founder and CEO, Wolfgang Stockner. “Mobile-pocket gives consumers control to maximise their savings through loyalty programmes. We’ve all been in the situation where you go shopping and you realise you’ve forgotten your card or don’t want to search for it because it’s too busy. mobile-pocket is perfect the solution and it’s got even easier. Now, you don’t even need to reach for your phone, you can earn your loyalty points with the flick of your wrist.”