Mobile Push Email, Without the PC

Mobile email company emoze has launched a global email service that doesnt require users to leave their PCs switched on. emoze says it is the first company to offer a central server solution with a seamless connection via an Outlook Web Access (OWA). The expanded service offering is available free of charge to consumers and businesses.
The process for using the central server is simple. When downloading emoze via the emoze website,  users are given a choice of using their own PC, or the central server, as a connector. If the user chooses the central server, they have to install the emoze mobile client and are then prompted to provide their OWA credentials, which are encrypted and stored locally on their own mobile device.

The new option is particularly suited for those who dont wish to leave their PC running in order to enable push email and personal information management (PIM) data.  Both the PC connector and central server options are highly secure, leveraging efficient encryption mechanism, decryption and data compression technologies.  Future central server upgrades will handle connections to Gmail, Yahoo! mail and other popular email services.

“Our mission is to help democratise the use of mobile email and synchronization services for the mass market, so that everyone has full access to their corporate email account as well as internet accounts,” says emoze Chief Executive Officer Benny Ballin. “By using the emoze web-access central server, our customers no longer need to turn on their PC to enjoy the benefits of free push email service.  This new option is suited for everyone including corporate employees and laptop owners giving the mass market the opportunity of living a Fortune 500 company lifestyle using a regular, supported mobile device.”

The emoze Central Server, combined with push technology, provides the mass market with real-time push-email and PIM data synchronization without the need for any additional components either on the PC or corporate ends.  All users need is a compatible phone and a data package from a mobile operator.
With emoze, emails, calendars, tasks and contacts are only routed from the users email program and mobile device.  In other words, in order to increase users security and privacy, there is no duplication or storage of any data. 
emoze delivers data to and from all leading brands of mobile devices including Motorola, Nokia, Palm and Samsung.  It supports all popular email data sources including Lotus Notes and Domino Servers, Microsoft Exchange, Outlook and OWA (Outlook Web Access), POP3, Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo!, and all popular mobile device operating systems including Symbian and Windows Mobile.