Mobile Puzzle Launch

David Murphy

Consumer magazine publisher H. Bauer has teamed up with technology partner Mobia to release the addictive puzzle, Codebreakers, for the mobile phone. Codebreakers, also known as Codewords, require the reader/user to crack a code, and are already popular in newspapers and magazines.   
Codebreakers for mobile is being advertised across all H. Bauer titles, and is available to download now from the Mobia website. Codebreakers for mobile will be sold in packs of five puzzles for 1.50. For a limited period, each download will include a free prize puzzle, allowing users to enter a draw for a cash prize.

Codebreakers is the third mobile phone product to be launched by the partnership between H. Bauer Puzzle titles and Mobia, following the launch of Sudoku and crossword puzzles for mobiles. H. Bauer Publishing is the largest privately-owned publisher in Europe. Its titles include Take a Break, the UKs top-selling magazine.