Mobile Retargeting Adds 18 Per Cent More Sales, Says myThings

mythings logoProgrammatic buying firm myThings has released a study revealing that adding mobile to a retargeting campaign generates an additional 18 per cent of sales.

The company analysed 100m impressions from a number of retail campaigns in the UK and UK during November and found that mobile retargeting also offered a 46 per cent higher click-through-rate, pushing down estimated cost-per-click by 36 per cent. It’s fair to point out that mobile users are more likely to be affected by ‘accidental palm smash to phone’, which could explain such a significant CTR, but the conversion data sounds pretty impressive.

Smartphone owners were slightly more likely to convert post-click compared to tablet shoppers – at a ratio of 53 per cent to 47 per cent. They are also 13 times faster when making a decision to buy a product that was retargeted to them. Mobile is still the king of weekend and evening shopping, the study confirmed.

myThings recently added mobile retargeting – across Android and iOS – to its programmatic platform, which already includes desktop and Facebook campaigns, enabling it to perform the study.

The company has integrated with AdTruth in order to be able to create cookie-less retargeting campaigns for the mobile browser on iOS , as well as in the app stores. It can offer cross-device retargeting by matching log-in data.