Mobile Search Report Published

Analyst Visiongain has released its latest report: Mobile Search: Market Trends and Business Opportunities 2005-2010. The report analyses the current status of the mobile search market, and identifies the strategies and movements of the key players.
With subscribers taking an increased interest in using mobile internet and search services, be it through operator portals or outside of the walled garden, the significance of mobile search is taking renewed impetus. And with major search brands such as Google, Yahoo and MSN now realising success and developing solutions to transfer their well-established names across to the mobile internet, the report asks which business model will offer the most success?
The report analyses the benefits that mobile search will bring to each player in the wireless value chain, and explains what the main mobile search usage models currently are, and how this is expected to change by 2010.
It looks at whether mobile search is a wireless extension of fixed Internet search or whether it should be viewed differently; how consumers use mobile search; what mobile users are most likely to search for on their wireless devices; and whether mobile search specialists will win over the fixed Internet search companies looking for brand extension.
The report looks at the current mobile search marketplace, its size and the main players; the role of mobile search in the convergence of the fixed and mobile Internet; and at how the mobile search sector will evolve. It also includes future forecasts of the market, through to 2010, including the potential for mobile search as an advertising channel.
The report costs 1,299 for a single-user copy, 2,999 for a departmental (5-user) copy, or  4,999 for a company-wide copy. You can order the report here.