Mobile Search – With a Twist

Search company Simplexo has launched Simplexo Mobile, a new way for mobile users to search for data held on company computers when they are out of the office in a safe and secure way.
Simplexo Mobile, which is available now for the iPhone and Windows Mobile 6 devices, and will be on the Blackberry platform within 30 days, can simultaneously search across all enterprise environments, including SharePoint, live and archived email, word processing documents, images, spreadsheets, databases, applications such as CRM and SAP, and more. It then delivers one consolidated list of de-duplicated search results securely to the mobile device.
Now, even when youre out of the office you can still search all your data, says Simplexo CEO, Alistair Handyside. With instant access to enterprise-wide information, you can make fast decisions with confidence, and ensure impeccable service levels for your customers.
Simplexos background is in electronic document management and retrieval. The companys technology was used to run the UK government's local election pilots for almost 700,000 concurrent users, and it also supplied one of the first applications to BSkyB for secure online voting.