Mobile Services Worth $32.4bn in Five Years, says Forrester

The services that support the mobile market, including engagement, development and management will grow by 479 per cent from 2013 to 2018, demanding a huge need for new skills, argues Forrester.

 Mobile engagement services like strategy, experience design and analytics will grow by the largest amount, worth $1.1bn today, but increasing by 1091 per cent to $13.1bn in five years’ time. Device and app management, which is today worth $1.8bn, will grow by 478 per cent to $10.4bn. App development services, which accounts for the largest share in 2013 of $2.7bn, will grow by 230 per cent to $8.9bn.

After analysing the offerings of 76 key digital agencies, management consultancies, mobile specialists, product development specialists, systems integrators and telcos, Forrester analyst Ted Scadler argues that no vendor can do all of this today. In his report, Wanted: Mobile Engagement Providers, he outlines the evolution of this role within organisations, along with the changing role of management to accomodate this.