Mobile Sites Too Complicated Says Consumer Survey

Four in 10 consumers find accessing websites on a mobile phone complicated, according to findings from a new survey. The survey, carried out by CoreMedia among English- and German-speaking consumers, found that 40 per cent of respondents do not regularly access “mobile sites” because the process is too complicated. It appears, however, that repsondents were not necessarily talking about the process of accessing dedicated, mobile-optimised sites, but that of accessing full PC websites, not optimised for mobile, on their phone. We have asked for clarification on this point from CoreMedia, and are currently awaiting a repsonse.

24 per cent of respondents complained that mobile sites are missing functionality found on the desktop. “This supports the theory that rather than the more immersive web experience one expects when using a desktop, people use mobile devices for specific goals – quick searches, social media updates or transactions,” says CoreMedia.

“Even though it is well known that providing a more engaging, adaptive experience through all consumer interaction channels is becoming a business necessity, there is much room for improvement,” says Glenn Conradt, vice president of global marketing at CoreMedia. “Its important to tailor content to the context of both your audience and the devices through which they access this information. The user experience can be dramatically improved if it can adjust location, time, and means of access on-demand. However, business users need to be the ones in control of designing and delivering these contextual experiences.”