Mobile – The Sixth Sense

David Murphy

It’s the morning after the day before here at Mobile Marketing Towers, and we have to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in Mobile Marketing Live in any way, shape or form, whether as a delegate, sponsor, exhibitor, speaker or general Gofer, of which there were many, and all of whom helped ensure the event ran like clockwork.

The feedback we have had has been almost overwhelmingly positive, and we will be announcing our plans for Mobile Marketing Live 2013 in the weeks to come. In the meantime, we felt we had to share one comment with you about the event.

In the interests of enthusing the next generation of mobile marketers about how important this industry is for the economy and life in general, I put an invitation out to the school that my daughters attend, offering 10 free conference passes to their sixth-form students. I thought it might make an interesting change to the usual school day for Business Studies/IT students, but, I must admit, I was a tad concerned the headmistress of the school would not ‘get’ mobile, so mentally prepared myself for a lack of response or a poilte 'Thanks, but no thanks'. It's to her credit that, on the contrary, the headmistress passed the invitation on to the 6th Form head, and she asked if we could possibly bump the 10 passes up to 15. Which, of course, we were delighted to do.

The students and their teacher duly arrived on Monday, took in the exhibition and some of the Conference sessions, and yesterday, catching up on my emails, I came across one from the teacher who had visited the event with her students, which read as follows:

“Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to attend the conference today. It was a real eye-opener as to the importance of mCommerce, and we greatly benefited from the presentations and talking to the industry representatives on the trade stands. Much of the material we saw today was cutting edge. I now see the mobile as a sixth sense, and very much look forward to incorporating these forward-thinking ideas in my Economics lessons.”

My immediate reaction to the email was: ‘Well I’m glad they came, and I’m glad they enjoyed it’, and then I re-read that phrase again: ‘I now see the mobile as a sixth sense’ and I just thought, this is genius. Mobile as a sixth sense (most of the decent domains have been registered – I checked). Sometimes we are all so close to this stuff that it needs a fresh pair of eyes to cut through the noise and see where the value is in what the talented, creative people working in this industry do. It's possible that someone, somewhere, might have coined the phrase before I suppose, but it's not one that I, nor any of the seasoned mobile marketers I mentioned it to had ever come across before. So if you ever go to a conference and hear anyone talking about mobile as a sixth sense, just make sure that, sparing her blushes, they give Menna Harris, from Rosebery school in Epsom, due credit for the idea.


David Murphy