Mobile Social Networking Patterns Revealed

To celebrate the launch of its LifeCache v2.0 mobile social networking solution (see story below), Newbay Software has released statistics that give an insight into mobile social networking usage pattern in the UK.
The average number of mobile social network visits per person per month is five, and the busiest days of the week for mobile social networking activity are Tuesday, followed by Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Monday is the quietest day, followed by Friday and then Saturday.
The busiest time for mobile social networking is between 10pm and 11pm, with a 17-fold increase in mobile social networking activity between the busiest time of day (11pm) and the quietest time of day (5am). The average duration of each mobile social networking session is 13.7 minutes.
The top five mobile social networking activities are: View & update own profile; Update status; View own home page; View comments on profile; View friends profile. Finally, says Newbay, there has been a 280% increase in MMS traffic to mobile social networks since January 2008.