Mobile Survey Success for TFM

OmNow, the mobile omnibus created by mobile survey company OnePoint Surveys and market research agency Dipsticks Research, says its client TFM Networks was delighted with a recent poll of senior business leaders it conducted on the companys behalf.
The TFM Networks research sought to assess the business impact of increased fuel costs and environmental legislation on British business. The survey polled the views and opinions of 258 senior business managers, including 115 CEOs/Managing Directors and 135 senior managers. The vast majority of respondents replied to the survey within a few hours. 
For marketers looking for research techniques to uncover the hot buttons of their customers, OmNow is the fastest and most sophisticated tool in the market today, says OnePoint Surveys Managing Director, Neil Jessop. The ability to poll customers at high speed and low cost is especially important in uncertain business climates, and being able to tailor marketing and sales messages that hit decision makers exactly in tune with their thinking can make all the difference.
And according to TFM Networks Managing Director Stewart Yates, fast response surveys also provide useful ammunition for Press Officers. He says:
The speed of the survey meant that we had newsworthy headline material that was timely and relevant, and gave us the opportunity to position our business as a provider of appropriate solutions for real business concerns.