Mobile? Thats Cool

Sonyerw600_front_highA poll of the UKs coolest technology brands has placed three mobile brands in the top 5 positions, out of 10 brands overall.
The UKs Coolest Brands survey was conducted by market research company YouGov, on behalf of Superbrands. Superbrands describes itself as the independent arbiter on branding. Each year, it publishes a Superbrands book, featuring case studies on brands selected by a panel of experts. Four years ago, it launched CoolBrands, which highlights brands deemed to have a cool reputation. For the YouGov survey, it took the 87 brands featured in this years CoolBrands book, and asked over 1,100 18 – 35 years olds to rank them for coolness.
Brands were divided into 10 categories, including Technology, Fashion and Alcohol & Drinks. In the Technology category, Sony Ericsson was ranked second, Blackberry third and Nokia fifth. The section was headed by PlayStation, with Bose in fourth place. Positions 6 10 were taken by Denon, Gizmondo, Leica, Teac and Roberts Radio, respectively.
Mobile networks featured in the Services category, with O2, 3 and Orange taking the top three spots, in that order, ahead of Coutts & Co, and Opodo.
The absence of Apple or iPod from the Technology list is perhaps the most surprising aspect of the survey, until you learn that they were not among the brands on which the respondents were asked to vote.
“This is not to say that Apple is not a cool brand, but its almost too obvious a choice” says Stephen Cheliotis, Superbrands European Marketing Director, and Chairman of the CoolBrands Council. “With CoolBrands, we are trying to pull out case studies and brands that are perhaps not so well known and which have not been flogged to death.”