Mobile Ticketing Revenues to Double by 2012, says Juniper

Juniper Research has released its report, Mobile Commerce Strategies: Prospects for Payments, Ticketing, Coupons & Banking 2010-2014.

The study forecasts that rapidly increasing usage of mobile devices for tickets for all kinds of travel and entertainment, plus sports events, will be one of the main factors driving the growth of mobile commerce. Mobile ticketing transactions are forecast to exceed $100bn (£65bn), based on gross transaction value, as early as 2012. This is more than double the market in 2010.

The report pulls together a number of detailed reports looking at various m-commerce sectors, including Mobile Payments for Digital and Physical goods; NFC Mobile Payments; Mobile Money Transfer & Remittances; Mobile Ticketing; Mobile Coupons and Mobile Banking. Content from each of the individual reports has been refreshed and updated.

For each sector, the report provides six-year forecasts for transaction values in eight key regions of the world, as well as an analysis of drivers and constraints and business models issues. It also looks at operator churn and ARPU,  revealing that four of the segments (Ticketing, Money Transfers, Physical Goods and NFC) will more than double in transaction value over the next two years, while Digital Goods, Banking and Coupons will post very healthy growth of 30 – 50 per cent over the same period.

Although growth looks strong, one of the vital recommendations included within the report is that commerce providers need to keep users front of mind when developing their applications. If the initial user experience for mobile payment methods is poor, either in terms of cost, security, reliability or ease of use, then customers will reject them.

The report looks at how the mobile channel is being exploited by innovative payments, ticketing and financial services players, and examined what are the top growth segments of the mobile commerce market. It also looks at the unique factors that are driving each mobile commerce market segment, and at the strategic steps that mobile commerce players should take to develop their businesses.

There’s more information about the report here.