Mobile TV Prospects Analysed

Analyst Juniper Research has released its report, Mobile TV: Opportunities for Streamed & Broadcast Services, 2007-2012. The report combines a detailed array of market sizing and forecasts until 2012, with player analysis and positioning strategies offering a valuable insight into current and prospective markets.
It considers recent developments in the market for streamed and broadcast Mobile TV services, focusing on the different applications and standards currently in trial across a number of markets. It also examines the implications of key regulatory decisions, such as the EUs quasi-mandating of the DVB-H standard, and spectrum licensing, and highlights both hurdles to deployment and issues that will arise when services have been commercially deployed.
The report includes extensive forecasts for both streamed and broadcast Mobile TV subscribers and revenues until 2012. Together with total end-user generated revenues for Mobile TV services, it is broken down by eight key regions both for Mobile Streamed and Broadcast TV, and by 40 key countries for Mobile Broadcast TV). It also offers predictions on cellular subscriber growth, with global cellular subscriber forecasts by technology, as well as the percentage of 2.5G/3G mobile users who subscribe to Mobile Streamed and Broadcast TV services.
The report examines who are the main players in mobile TV; which broadcast TV standards are likely to predominate in which countries; the key hurdles to the successful deployment of Mobile TV services, and to the mass adoption of mobile TV services. It also considers how the Mobile TV value chain is likely to develop; what subscriber revenues Mobile TV services will generate; and whether advertising is likely to provide a substantial revenue stream for Mobile TV services? 
The report costs 1,490 for a single-user PDF or hardback copy; 1,990 for a multi-user licence; or 2,990 for an enterprise-wide licence. Theres more information here.