Mobile TV Prospects Analysed

Juniper Research has released its report, Mobile TV: Opportunities for Streamed & Broadcast Services 2008-2013 (Fourth Edition). The 221-page report, including 67 tables and 54 charts, offers six-year forecasts across eight key global regions and 43 country levels. It looks at the impact that low power consumption chipsets, capable of receiving analogue and digital TV signals free of charge, will have on the prospects for the deployment of dedicated mobile broadcast TV networks, and also provides an appraisal of the opportunity for paid-for streamed TV offerings.
The report considers how much the Mobile TV market is worth, and what revenues will it generate in five years time; in which markets mobile broadcast TV services been launched, and how successful those services have been; which mobile broadcast TV standards are likely to be deployed in which countries; to what extent handsets capable of receiving terrestrial TV signals will penetrate the mass market, and what impact they will have on operator business models; and the role of streamed TV services in the Mobile TV marketplace?
The report also investigates the availability and number of Mobile TV-enabled handsets shipped per annum, along with current usage data and the likely availability of spectrum on a country-by-country basis. Forecasts include user numbers; the proportion who pay for services; ARPU by technology; ARPU by broadcast TV standard; and total ad spend and end-user revenues (streamed & broadcast).
The report costs 1,750 for a single-user PDF or hardback copy; 2,500 for a multi-user network licence; or 3,750 for an enterprise-wide licence. Theres more information here.