Mobile TV Usage Growing, says QuickPlay

57 per cent of US mobile users are interested in a multiscreen video service, according to the results of the latest annual independent Market Tools survey from QuickPlay Media – up from 48 per cent in 2011.

35 per cent of respondents have tried a mobile TV or service, and 27 per cent use them currently – of which 72 per cent have been mobile TV and video users for a year or less. 81 per cent of users watch more video on their mobile phone or Tablet than a year ago. The most common place for viewing these services is at home, and 23 per cent use them daily – suggesting mobile might be slipping into TVs traditional space.

And despite the larger screens, Tablets (33 per cent) are less popular than handsets (63 per cent) for viewing video services. This looks to be a question of ownership, however, as 91 per cent of respondents who own a Tablet device have watched a TV program or full-length movie on it.