Mobile Video Ads Had a 41.5 Per Cent Completion Rate in Q3

Ad units
Some of the rich media ads created using Celtras tools in Q3

41.5 per cent of users who engaged with a mobile video ad during Q3 2014 completed it, according to figures from rich media ad firm Celtra.

Meanwhile, the average engagement rate with mobile display ads rose by 16 per cent quarter-on-quarter in Q3.

Ad expansion rate has increased steadily throughout the year, up to an average of 0.66 per cent, compared to 0.61 per cent in the previous quarter, and the time spent on standard expandable banners has increased by almost four seconds since Q2.

Of all mobile impressions during the quarter, a disproportionately large amount, 54 per cent, came from iOS; with 44 per cent from Android and just two per cent for all other devices. 86 per cent came from smartphones; 64 per per cent came from in-app inventory; and 97 per cent came from what Celtra classifies as standard rather than smart ad units.