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Video advertising grew massively in Q2, says Smaato

Tyrone Stewart

Mobile videoVideo was the fastest growing form of advertising during Q2 2017, with spend increasing by 142 per cent from Q1.

According an analysis of more than 1.5 trillion ad impressions served on its platform, mobile ad company Smaato found that, within the fast-increasing video ad format, full-screen interstitials still account for almost two-thirds of total mobile video ad spending.

However, rewarded video is the fastest-growing ad format, with ad impressions increasing by 96 per cent, ad spend increasing 153 per cent and eCPMs growing 48 per cent. Gaming apps are the biggest reason for this. Ad spending on rewarded video in gaming apps increased by 242 per cent quarter-over-quarter, and its growth outpaced non-rewarded interstitial by 74 per cent.

“In a recent IAB survey, advertisers suggested they plan to spend more than half of their ad budgets on video this year. We are seeing this become a reality across Smaato’s platform, as mobile video is the fastest-growing segment of our business,” said Ragnar Kruse, CEO and co-founder of Smaato. “Based on what we are seeing, we expect mobile video to continue its high growth and become the dominant medium in the years ahead.”

Elsewhere, Smaato found that the Americas – in particular Brazil, Colombia, the US and Canada – fuelled mobile ad spending growth in Q2, while global in-app mobile advertising achieved a record-high share of 94 per cent of total mobile ad. In addition, Android came out on top in mobile ad spend, but iOS dominated eCPMs.