Mobile Video Increases Reach of TV Campaigns by 12 per cent

shutterstock_123894493Using mobile video to complement traditional TV campaigns can easily increase a marketers targeted reach by up to 12.7 per cent, research has shown.

The figures come from a study into the efficiency of TV and mobile video by Nielsen, commissioned by video advertising platform BrightRoll. The study suggested that while TV remains the first screen in most homes, video consumption on mobile is increasing at record speed

This dramatic shift in consumer behaviour is forcing many brand marketers to rethink their buying strategies, while under increasing pressure to ensure they are placing their message where target audiences are spending time.

According to the study, complementing TV buying with incremental investments in mobile video advertising strategies reduces the incremental cost per target rating point by as much as 13.7 per cent.

“While TV still has the broadest reach among mass media channels, consumer habits have dramatically changed and mobile video is poised to become an integral part of how brands connect, engage, and convert their key audiences,” said Andrew Feigenson, managing director of digital at Nielsen. “Brand marketers are expecting to increase their mobile video media investments to capture the attention of consumers whose attention is being spread across multiple screens.”

“The proliferation of mobile video consumption has created new challenges for brand marketers who seek to reach audiences wherever they are watching video,” said Tim Avila, senior vice president of marketing operations at BrightRoll. “This study demonstrates that mobile video can be a powerful complement to TV advertising, and offers insights that will help advertisers execute campaigns to engage these harder-to-reach audiences.”