Mobile Video Quality Under Fire

Mobixell Networks, which provides rich-media mobile data solutions, has announced the results of its survey into user perception of mobile video quality in the UK. The survey found that a staggering 96 per cent of users are frustrated with their experience of mobile video, which Mobixell says demonstrates that operators are still struggling to provide the expected quality and download speed to customers.

The survey, conducted by independent research company Gfk NOP on behalf of Mobixell, reveals that of the adults who watch video on their mobile device, up to 67 per cent are discouraged by non-continuous video playback and the length of time it takes a video to begin playing. Interestingly, the survey also reveals that the younger the users questioned, the more demanding they are about continuous video playing and their overall user experience.

GfK NOP surveyed 1,000 people aged from 16 to over 65, across the UK, between 9 – 11 July 2010. Of the 1,000 people interviewed, 388 regularly view online video content on laptops and mobile devices on the go. Those 388 were then asked additional questions about their experience and perception of online video on mobile broadband and mobile phones.

Of the 16-24 year olds questioned, 69 per cent of users prefer video to be optimised, rather than wait significantly longer for higher-quality streaming. Mobixell’s own traffic statistics also hint at that frustration, showing that just 50 per cent of mobile users watch approximately only half of the duration of YouTube video clips, a likely result of their annoyance with the lack of instant gratification.

“It is interesting to see that mobile users perceive video optimisation as a user experience enabler,” says Noam Green, associate vice president of corporate marketing at Mobixell. “When they had to choose between optimised video versus HD Quality-like video, which may stutter and stall while streaming, users very clearly preferred the optimised video. But let’s make no mistake – if the optimised video is of low quality, it can as easily backfire and have a significant effect on network quality perception, and may lead to churn. Smooth and continuous video experience is one of users’ strongest indicators of network quality – and ultimately influences the perception of their operator’s network efficiency.”

Mobixell provides data management and optimisation solutions for mobile operators, including its mobile video optimisation module which allows mobile operators to offer superior video optimisation to their customers while avoiding the expensive cost of network build-up.