Mobile Web Usage Growing, says Forrester

Mobile Internet usage in Europe is growing and is poised for mainstream adoption. Thats the conclusion of a Forrester Research survey of more than 14,000 consumers across seven EU countries. 24% of online European (and of UK) consumers now regularly access the Internet from their mobile phones, the report notes, creating new opportunities, but also confusion, for brands unsure about their target audience and their mobile strategy.
The success of Apples iPhone has acted as a marketing catalyst that showcases the potential of the mobile platform, says Forrester analyst Thomas Husson. The drivers are now in place for mass-market uptake of mobile Internet. The expansion of Internet brands, smarter phones, and high speed networks are enabling compelling user experiences that, coupled with all-you-can-eat data plans, are unleashing usage.
According to Forrester, too many brands are rushing into the mobile Internet by simply offering the hot new thing: an iPhone app. But, the analyst says, an app is not a mobile strategy.
Media companies, retailers, and financial services firms must be aware of the mobile markets unique character as they integrate their mobile Internet services into a multichannel and multimedia strategy, and revamp their partnerships with telecom stakeholders, says Husson.
The report, titled: Mobile Internet Creates New Opportunities For Direct To Consumer Strategies, breaks down mobile Internet usage across France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, and the UK. Sweden and Italy have the highest rate of mobile web adoption, whileFrance has the lowest percentage of subscribers using the mobile web. The report also provides recommendations to consumer product strategists looking to implement an effective mobile Internet strategy.
The report costs $749 (470).Theres more information, including an excerpt from the report, here.