Mobile Web Use to Double This Year, says Novarra

Novarra has announced the results of its latest Mobile Internet Experience Update, which provides an overview of how consumers use the Internet via mobile phones.
Based on Novarras global network of Vision browser and mobile Internet platform deployments with operators and service providers, the report tracks growth and trends, and offers insights into consumer behaviour for web services on mobile. Novarras mobile Internet service reaches two out of three mobile phone users in the US and 1 billion globally.
Highlights of the report include:

  • The mobile Internet user population is on track to more than double in 2009
  • A surge in mobile Internet use by all demographics
  • 1H 09 growth in users of 100% in the business pro segment , plus over 80% growth in data usage per user
  • Substantial page view growth across websites
  • 74% increase in the number of videos streamed to mobile
  • Significant growth in web 2.0 activity, especially social networking

Mobile Internet is becoming a mainstream activity, says Scott Cotter, Sr. Director, Marketing, at Novarra. The marked increase in users, data consumption and rich content demonstrates that consumers are rapidly transferring their web habits from the desktop to mobile. The Vision platform enables operators, handset manufacturers and internet brands to deliver a fast, full, rich Internet experience,including streaming video, Flash, widgets and user-generated content across all phones, without overwhelming wireless networks.
You can access the full report here.