Mobile Wi-fi Made Easier

US start-up Devicescape Software has revealed that it is working with handset maker Nokia to make its software available on selected wi-fi-enabled Nokia devices. The Devicescape Connect software, now available via the Nokia Download! application in the UK and the US, makes wi-fi access effortless for consumers at home or on the go.
Nokia is the worlds largest and most popular device maker, and represents an outstanding means for us to bring our solution to device owners,” says Deviescape CEO, Dave Fraser. Our relationship with Nokia means that we are able to reach millions of Nokia device users to help simplify their access to fast and inexpensive wi-fi networks.”
Devicescape simplifies access to wi-fi networks, enabling consumers to enter login details for all the private and public networks they access, once only, via a PC Internet site. These details are stored on a secure server. When the user wishes to access one of the networks, they simply launch the Devicescape application, which sniffs out any of the users registered networks and makes the connection, with no need for any login at the point of connection.
The solution may seem unnecessary for laptop access, and not essential, even if useful, for access to a wi-fi network via a device with a keypad and browser, such as a mobile phone. But as Fraser explained to Mobile Marketing in a private briefing yesterday, it was designed initially for wi-fi-enabled devices with no, or limited, data entry capabilities, such as digital cameras and games consoles. As Fraser explained at the briefing, one camera maker, Nikon, offers a Trickle Upload service to owners of wi-fi-enabled Nikon cameras, which uploads photographs from the cameras memory card when it detects a wi-fi network, in order to preserve capacity on the memory card.
Devicescape also makes it possible for a wi-fi-enabled phone which doesnt have a web browser built in, to log on to a wi-fi network for VoIP calls or other connected applications such as email or maps.
There are 300 telcos around the world with wi-fi networks, all with their own login procedures, says Fraser. On some devices, it would be impossible to log on to these networks. Devicescape solves that problem.
Commenting on the Nokia deal, Fraser says:
The Devicescape solution is ideal for Nokia Nseries multimedia computer or Internet Tablet owners. These customers want fast access to the great Internet services that Nokia devices enable, including e-mail, VoIP, maps, music, video, or online games. Now, with Devicescape they can have automatic access to wi-fi, improving and expanding their experience with their favourite services.” 
Nokia N95 multimedia computer owners in the UK and the US can find Devicescape under Easy WiFi in the Download! application on their device. Nokia Internet Tablet owners can also find an optimised version of Devicescape in the Nokia Tableteer Folder. 
Nokia is leading the way to mobilize the Internet, and the fast and easy wi-fi access Devicescape provides further accelerates our efforts,” says Nokia Multimedia group Vice President, Nigel Rundstrom. By bridging the gap between Nokia devices and online services, Devicescape is enabling consumers to increase their productivity, their pleasure, and the ability to stay socially connected.”
Devicescape is network-agnostic. It supports more than 300 public networks, including the largest carriers in the world such as T-Mobile, British Telecom, The Cloud, Orange and municipal networks. In addition, consumers can expand their wi-fi coverage by adding more hotspots and networks, including their home network, by visiting Devicescapes website. There they can also selectively and securely share their home and other personal networks with friends and family. 
The Devicescape application is free for consumers and is also available via the Devicescape website. In addition to the Nokia N95 and the Nokia Internet Tablet OS, Devicescape supports Mac OSX, PCs with Windows XP and Vista, Windows Mobile 5 & 6 Smartphones, with more planned. Nokia and Devicescape plan to roll out the application for more devices and more countries in the near future.