Mobile Will Address Key Human Needs, says Chetan Sharma

A mobile consulting firm has published a report that describes mobile in terms of Abraham Maslows Theory of Human Motivation

The report, called How Mobile Will Change the Way We Spend, is by Chetan Sharma, president, Chetan Sharma Consulting. Maslows theory was published in 1943 and outlines the needs and motivations of humans – such as shelter, food, water, and social connections – and Sharma says that mobile will increasingly play a part in every area of humankinds most vital needs. 

The report has been written for Mobile Future Forward, an event scheduled for September 12. The event brings together key industry thinkers, and an accompanying book of essays will be produced. Sharmas essay will be first in this book. He is also the chief curator of the event. 

The paper looks at “how the connected universe of devices and sensors are going to impact the way we spend and how all this creates new opportunities to meet the basic human needs”. It also analyses US consumer spending in terms of Maslows theory of needs, and forecasts how mobile devices fit into changing the way people spend on the things they need and want. 

The report can be downloaded at the Mobile Future Forward website, where you can also find out more about the Seattle event.