Mobile Will Improve Online Conversion Rates

Marketers must embrace mobile to improve online conversion rates, according to a new study from RedEye and Econsultancy

According to the survey, only 25 per cent of marketers are happy with online conversion rates – a drop of 5 per cent in the last year. 

And the report suggests that mobile should play a key role in retaining customers online. 84 per cent of companies are not designing their marketing emails for mobile devices, while 70 per cent are not optimising their website for mobile. 

Mark Patron, CEO at RedEye says: “This research shows there are major opportunities for key executives to focus on the bottom line – generating business – its just not being done effectively. With a clear CRO (conversion rate optimisation) strategy and best practice procedures in place, and implemented intelligently, companies can see a serious uplift in sales. Just a few per cent improvement in conversion makes a significant difference to revenues generated.

“What we have learnt is people and processes are key. This report highlights just how important employing a structured process is. Companies that had a structured approach to conversion were twice as likely to have seen a large increase in sales. Yet only 31 per cent had a structured process – a major reason satisfaction is so low.”

The research also found that companies that target basket abondoners – people who choose items in online retail sites and then dont buy them – are likely to increase sales. According to the study, 70 per cent of companies that target basket abandoners see an increase in sales. 

For a full copy of this report, head to the Econsultancy website