Mobile World Congress Special Edition

Mobile Marketing Magazine is planning a one-off printed and digital special edition for Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona in February.
The magazine will be produced in both print and digital format. As an official Media Partner for MWC 2010, the print version will be distributed at the event. The digital interactive page-turner publication will be available to view via the Mobile Marketing  Magazine website.
The magazine will examine the latest issues and trends in mobile marketing, across three key themes: Money, The Real World, and Technology.
The Money section will look at where the money is in mobile advertising; at mobile applications; and at the moves being made by mobile operators to open up their subscriber database to brand advertisers.
The Real World section will look at the services and applications that are generating revenues on mobile right now. It will also feature the results of exclusive research commissioned by Mobile Marketing Magazine and conducted by Lightspeed Research, into the services and applications that consumers really want on their mobile phones, and what they are prepared to pay for them.
In the Technology section, we will look at the revenue potential for the hottest mobile technologies, including Augmented Reality, Near Field Communications, and Location-based Services. We will also consider whether the future of mobile marketing and content will be application- or browser-based.
The magazine offers a number of advertising opportunities to put your companys message in front of a global audience of decision-makers, in an environment where mobile marketing is front of mind.
To find out more about these opportunities, please email: