Mobilebest 2017: Four Burning Issues in Marketing Technology

Tune Mobilebest 2017 whitepaper cover
Walled gardens control advertising to billions of people inside their borders. Metrics from the major platforms show serious flaws, generally in favour of those platforms. Weve passed peak app, and mobile web is rebounding with the help of accelerated mobile pages and instant articles. Privacy is an issue like never before. Ad fraud impacts as much as a third of mobile ads, and Russian hackers are siphoning $3-5m a day from video advertising budgets.

We need to make it much, much better.

Tunes latest whitepaper explores the biggest issues impacting the mobile marketing world right now, and how firms can address them to increase customer confidence and face the future ready for whatever the world throws at them.

Download the whitepaper today to read about:

  • Why CMOs need assurances that dollars they spend go to reaching, engaging and winning customers, not cheaters
  • Why brands need simple tools that combine marketing and advertising data  in one simple, open platform
  • Why advertisers need to be able to manage, measure and attribute campaigns on web, mobile and any other platform they choose to use
  • Why marketers need better aggregated data that clearly illuminates the customer journey and shows the value of each point on that map

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