Mobilegeddon Starts to Bite

MobilegeddonIn April, Google updated its algorithm to give mobile-friendly websites preference in ranking for organic searches. Now, more than two months after the so-called Mobilegeddon, companies that didn’t prepare their sites are paying the price with a 10 per cent decrease in traffic among those sites with low mobile engagement.

The figure comes from Adobe’s Q2 2015 Digital Advertising & Social Intelligence Reports which looked at the impact of Mobilegeddon on advertisers; the performance differences of display ad changes from Google and Facebook; the growth of Google’s search ad business; and how revenue per visits from Twitter compare to Facebook, Pinterest and others.

The report forecasts that growth in Google’s search business will slow, noting that it appears to be up 1-2 per cent Year on Year (YoY), but down compared to last year’s Q2 growth of 4.5 per cent. However, cost per clicks (CPCs) for enterprises rose 6 per cent YoY with clickthrough rates (CTRs) up 9 per cent YoY. Bing/Yahoo continues to outgrow Google, growing by 15 per cent YoY in EMEA.

The report also notes that Google’s display ad strategy is underperforming compared to Facebook: Facebook’s display ad changes (delivering nearly 50 per cent less, but more prominent ads) doubled CTRs YoY. Meanwhile, Google’s display (YouTube and other Google ad networks) targeting changes reduced the number of ads seen by 22 per cent and only increased CTRs by 24 per cent YoY. Additionally, an Adobe survey reveals that 51 per cent of consumers find Facebook ads more relevant and of genuine interest versus 17 per cent for YouTube.

It’s not all good news for Facebook, however. Facebook’s revenue per visit (RPV) is down 17 per cent YoY to 91 per cent, while Twitter’s is up 64 per cent YoY, from 40 cents to over 60 cents per visit. Reddit leads visitor ROI growth (up nearly 80 per cent YoY to 34 cents per visit), while Pinterest is down 25 per cent YoY to 51 cents per visit.
You can access the Digital Advertising Report here, and the Social Intelligence Report here.