MobileIron Deploys at Land Securities

Real estate investment trust Land Securities has implemented MobileIron, the enterprise-level mobile security solution to secure the mobile devices of its workforce. 

The group is also developing its mobile app strategy using MobileIrons App Storefront for the management of third-party and in-house apps. 

Land Securities has been using iPads to reduce printing costs and as a sales tool. Graham Gibbs, infrastructure project manager at Land Securities, says: “We sought a mobile device management solution that could ensure any device with network access was visible, able to be securely managed by the IS team and used safely and efficiently for professional purposes, while still enabling personal use and experience.”

“Our goal was to replicate a BlackBerry as much as possible in terms of creating a similar experience with an iPhone and an iPad. In addition to delivering a simple user experience, it meant that if the device did go missing we could a) try and locate it and b) get rid of the corporate data on it very, very quickly.”

Gibbs says that MobileIron allowed the company to deliver automatically updating email accounts, and also let his IS team “get very granular with the network access and security settings”.

The company has developed its first internal app, which allows the IS team to set policy boundaries for the app based upon the users role in the business, mobile platform, and device security posture. The app can then be published to end-users to download over the air.