Mobile@Ogilvy Report Showcases the Power of Smart Mobility

Mobile@Ogilvy has published a report titled: Hidden in plain sight: how mobile is quietly revolutionizing the b2b world. The report looks at how b2b brands can leverage the power of ‘smart mobility’ to gain significant competitive advantage, spurred on by the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement.

The report is based on research conducted among key stakeholders at several large b2b brands, collectively representing over $555bn in market capitalization, to understand where they are focusing their efforts and seeing potential for their businesses. The report concludes that are three key areas where mobile is having the greatest impact for B2B brands: mobilizing marketing; mobilizing the enterprise and mobilizing products and services.

“The prevalence of BYOD policies across enterprises has meant that more B2B brands than ever before can utilize smart mobility; that is, designing mobile services and communications to seize competitive advantage,” said Jeff Stokvis, director, digital strategy, at OgilvyOne, and author of the report. “B2b marketers face ever more complex business and marketing challenges, including long sales cycles with many touch points; multiple decision-makers and influencers; and complex products requiring significant investment. Smart mobility has amazing potential to help address these challenges and is unlocking incredible value across the entire customer lifecycle for b2b brands.”

You can download the report for free here.