Mobiles Big 10 in Q2, 2013

In the last issue of our print magazine, we compared the financial results of the four GAFA companies – Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon – alongside some of the other big names in mobile. With another set of quarterly results now behind us, we decided it was time to revisit these companies and see how theyre stacking up now.

Income Graph

Samsung enjoyed a particularly strong Q2, 2013, and its for that reason that were examining it here alongside the GAFA companies – all of which it actually outperformed in terms of both revenue ($14.1bn) and net income ($6.9bn). The Korean firms net income hit the top spot for the first time, narrowly overtaking Apple (a slightly lower $6.9bn).

However, Apple is still winning in one respect, at least. Given that Samsung took nearly one and a half times as much revenue to make an equivalent profit, the firm is holding onto its enviably wide profit margin.


Comparing the GAFA companies (plus Samsung) side by side, it quickly becomes apparent that these two left pretty much every other company in the dust last quarter. Only Google (with revenues of $14.1bn, and income $3.2bn) is really competing in the same league.

Winners and losers

While its revenues and income may still be relatively low, Facebook is the fastest growing of the companies, with revenue up 24 per cent quarter-on-quarter to $1.8bn, and income up 52 per cent to $333m.

Q2 Revs

The biggest losers in Q2 were Amazon, which made a net loss of $7m, and BlackBerry, which saw income fall 186 per cent from last quarter, reporting a loss of $84m. Things arent looking great for the Canadian manufacturer, which was hoping the launch BB10 might turn its fortunes around.

Q2 income

You can find the quarterly results of all 10 companies we compared below.

Revenues Net income
Q1, 2013 Q2, 2013 Q1, 2013 Q2, 2013
Google $13,969 $14,105 Google $3,346 $3,228
Apple $43,603 $35,323 Apple $9,547 $6,900
Facebook $1,458 $1,813 Facebook $219 $333
Amazon $16,070 $15,704 Amazon $82 -$7
Samsung $47,600 $51,167 Samsung $6,500 $6,919
Microsoft $20,489 $19,900 Microsoft $6,000 $4,970
Nokia $7,607 $5,695 Nokia $323 $382
BlackBerry $2,678 $3,071 BlackBerry $98 -$84
Yahoo $1,140 $1,135 Yahoo $391 $335
eBay $3,748 $3,877 eBay $677 $640