Mobiles Republic Launches Tech News App

Mobile media company Mobiles Republic has released a mobile app that presents technology news from across the internet. 

The APPY Geek app is a news reader that gathers the latest news using a semantic search engine, says the company. The app has 70 licensed partners which include some of the big names in tech media. 

The app uses the same TagNav news system as the companys News Republic app. This allows the user to search and organise a dashboard of news sources. The system allows users to select highlighted tags (for example “Apple” “Japan” or “Smartphone”) to immediately receive relevant and targeted articles and stories related to that News topic. 

Over time, APPY Geek learns what news you read the most and will display the top articles based on your distinct tastes, says the company. 

The app is free and available now from the Android, Android Honeycomb, and iOS.