mobileSQUARED Launches Mobile Consumer Trends

Mobile research firm mobileSQUARED has launched Mobile Consumer Trends (MCT), a dynamic database which provides granular data and forecasts on consumer usage habits towards the mobile internet, mobile apps, mCommerce, opt-in messaging, and mobile advertising reach and engagement throughout the UK and the US.

MCT offers 18-month rolling forecasts, identifying the actual number of mobile consumers active in each area, searchable by device type, gender, age, geography and socio-economics – as well as ethnicity in the US. The database contains historic information going back to Q4, 2009 and is updated each quarter with proprietary consumer market research conducted by mobileSQUARED’s research partner, Lightspeed Research. Currently, MCT contains over 1.4m separate data points covering the UK and the US, with almost 90,000 new data points being added every quarter.

“There is a lack of forward-looking data when it comes to mobile consumers which means companies looking to develop a mobile strategy have had to use old, or historical, information which can often be redundant, given the fast-changing mobile space, and the whimsy of consumers,” says Gavin Patterson, chief markets analyst at mobileSQUARED. “We have a vast quantity of data on key mobile markets around the world which, when joined together with our quarterly consumer research, has enabled mobileSQUARED to develop a robust consumer tracking model that accurately gauges and  forecasts behaviour and usage trends.”

Using the new database, mobileSQUARED is able to track and forecast both national and regional user information around the mobile internet, mobile apps, mCommerce, opt-in messaging, and mobile advertising reach and engagement. For example MCT is able to predict that, in the UK:

  • There will be 2.37m ABC1s using the mobile internet with an Android device in 1Q2012
  • In the Meridian TV area in Q2, 2011, there will be a mobile advertising reach of 680,861 smartphone users
  • By Q4,2011, there will be 5.45m 25-34 year olds using mCommerce
  • In Q2, 2012, 1.01m iPhone users will download apps in the Central TV area
  • In Q3, 2012, 3.97m females will opt-in to receive mobile marketing messages

“The MCT database has been an immense assistance to us in developing even better mobile strategies for our clients – the data is invaluable and gives a clear indication of the direction the market is taking,” says Alex  Sponge chairman, Alex Meisl. Alex Kozloff, mobile manager at the Internet Advertising Bureau UK, adds: “MCT gives mobile marketers the information they need to directly target campaigns at the most responsive elements of the mobile consumer universe. What’s more, MCT gives us an idea of what the future holds for consumer usage of mobile – a valuable insight for advertisers looking at mobile marketing for the long term.”

Mobile Consumer Trends will be rolled out across Europe by Q3, 2011, and into key Asian markets by year-end.