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mobileSTATS Puts Stats on the Mobile

David Murphy

UK company mobileSTATS has announced the launched of its mobile analytics solution of the same name, which is designed to monitor traffic to mobile websites. The solution makes all statistics available to view on the clients mobile phone in real time.
Businesses signing up to the mobileSTATS service can track the number of visitors to their website, where they come from, which pages they are looking at, peak traffic times, cost-per-click activity, and much more.
In the quest to optimise online marketing, companies need intelligent web usage information to measure whats working well, and what isnt, says mobileSTATS Managing Director, Jon Kelly. mobileSTATS can deliver that information to your mobile or Blackberry, in real time, around the clock. Imagine having the equivalent of Google analytics on your phone, with instant real-time reporting available.
Users can choose to access graphs, performance comparisons and information about which natural referrers, such as Google and MSN, are generating traffic or sales, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. And if a trend or hotspot changes, or a site goes down, mobileSTATS will immediately send an SMS alert to a designated mobile phone, to enable a rapid response.
CEOs and marketing directors can now access key website performance data on the golf course or during a business lunch via their mobile phone to ensure they are always completely up to date, says Kelly.
The mobileSTATS service supports all types of web formats, including Flash, and delivers conventional website performance statistics to users mobile phones. The company also has a team of consultants available to provide more in-depth reports for board meetings, to work with in-house teams to design and build mobile websites, and to develop strategies to drive quality traffic.