mobileSTATS Updates Tracking Solution

mobileSTATS has announced the launch of version 3 of its mobile analytics application of the same name.
The solution offers real-time tracking of all types of websites, including mobile sites, and can be accessed via PC or mobile. Bespoke reports can be generated in any type of format if required. It comes in two versions. mobileSTATS SNAPSHOT is a campaign specific service for small and medium-sized businesses undertaking targeted marketing drives, which offers a view of the last seven days activity for 9.90 per domain per month. mobileSTATS BIGSHOT
Is a more comprehensive service, offering continuous tracking of visitor activity, from 24.31 per domain per month.
We truly believe that with the ever-increasing usage of Smartphones, together with the huge usage of social networking site, businesses are now starting to comprehend the importance of a mobile marketing Strategy, and we are confident that our application is a leader in tracking any type of site traffic directly from your mobile phone, says Co-founder Jon Kelly.
You can see a demo of the solution on the mobileSTATS website, or access it on your phone at: