Mobilethink and Qelp Partner for Smartphone Care Solution

Mobile device management and device intelligence firm Mobilethink has partnered with Qelp, which provides multichannel, interactive customer care for smartphones, to provide Danish telco TDC with the means to cut rising customer care costs when troubleshooting smartphones in its 3G and 4G networks.

According to analyst firm Heavy Reading’s 2011 February survey of 55 wireless service providers worldwide, the volume of smartphone-related support calls is nearly double that of feature phones. The survey also revealed that the average cost of supporting smartphones is up to 50 per cent more than feature phones, and that more than half of incoming calls are not resolved by the call centre representative who handles the initial call.

Due to an increasing uptake of smartphones and the roll out of 4G networks, TDC decided to strengthen the focus on its self-care offering in order to increase customer satisfaction and stop rising costs. Following due diligence into market options, TDC chose to expand its cooperation with Mobilethink. The partnership with Qelp enables Mobilethink to offer picture-based, smartphone support services that are seamlessly integrated with TDC’s existing cloud-based device management system, also provided by Mobilethink.

“No other offering was found to provide similar value when it comes to providing a coherent user experience, unique search engine optimization and enriched statistics” says Mette Lech of TDC’s Market Communication division. “The Mobilethink-Qelp combination of OTA (Over The Air) device configuration and picture-based guides is a huge differentiator in TDC’s ability to attract and maintain customers in the booming smartphone market. This highly-intuitive, integrated solution is unique compared to what else is available in the market, specifically options for multi-channel smartphone support at phone stores and on-device, as well as Google SEO optimisation to drive traffic to our website.”