Mobilethink Solving Windows 7 Connectivity Issues

Mobile device management vendor Mobilethink is rolling out an over-the-air connectivity solution for Windows Phone 7. The solution follows issues with WP7 devices connecting to the mobile internet, due to incompatibility between some handsets and Microsoft security policies.

“As the device management specialist, it was clearly the remit of Mobilethink to resolve this growing Microsoft-device connectivity headache,” says Thomas Yde Frederiksen, Mobilethink’s chief of product management and marketing. “Thanks to our test cooperation alliances with device manufacturers, including the leading WP7 makers, Mobilethink has proved the value of high quality device management services in order to enable carriers to welcome any data-capable device into their networks.”

The solution forms part of Mobilethink’s upcoming Device Management Solution 3.5 update, which will be offered to network operators and MVNOs worldwide.