Mobiqa, mBlox and eBay Celebrate Juniper Future Mobile Awards Success

David Murphy

Mobiqa, mBlox  and eBay Mobile have emerged triumphant in the Juniper Research Future Mobile Awards for Mobile Commerce.

Mobiqa took the Gold Awards in the Mobile Coupons & Ticketing category for its barcode technology, key partnerships and, crucially, its growing customer base across airlines, rail, cinema, live events and retail.

mBlox tool Gold in the Mobile Payments category for its SMS transaction platform, which provides mobile payments capabilities for businesses globally, as they deliver digital products such as music and entertainment to mobile phones.

Gold in the Mobile Retail category went to eBay Mobile for the company’s successful transition from the desktop to the mobile platform, with headline-grabbing download levels and transactions. The iPhone app, for example, is downloadable in approximately 80 countries, and there are also new versions of the app for iPad, Android and BlackBerry.

"Mobiqa, mBlox and eBay Mobile are all successful pioneers in their sectors,” says Howard Wilcox, panel judge and senior analyst at Juniper Research. “Critically, they have also shown the ability to translate mobile technology into commercial businesses that make a real impact in the mobile commerce marketplace."

The awards were decided by a panel of expert judges based on a number of criteria, including product range and innovation; geographic market penetration; evidence of commercial campaigns; partnerships; and potential future business development.